I'm teaching a Node.js Workshop!

19 Mar 2014

So. In partnership with Node Philly, I am going to be teaching a workshop on getting started with Node.js as part of Philly Tech Week. The workshop will be on Saturday, April 5th, 2014.

Here’s the workshop description:

###From Zero to 80: Your First Node.js Web Application

JavaScript has proven to be “the little language that could.” - In only a few years, it’s gone from the language that no one understood, to one that every developer must know. Enthusiasm for JavaScript also got another boost when Node.js became available, allowing JavaScript to be used on both the client and the server.

Join us for this workshop to learn the basics of Node.js including:

  • The reasons to use (or not use) Node.js
  • Getting Node.js installed, and getting comfortable in the environment.
  • Node.js fundamentals:
  • The Node.js process model
  • The “require” system
  • The Node Package Manager
  • EventEmitters
  • Streams
  • Build your first web application using Node.js
  • Learn how to create a web server using Node.js
  • Learn what “middleware” is, and why it’s so powerful.
  • Learn some basic HTML templating using Jade.

The goal for this workshop will be to provide an overview of the Node.js landscape, and to work through developing a very simple web application that demonstrates what makes Node.js so special. This workshop will include a mix of instruction, and hands-on labs, so come prepared to code.


  • A laptop
  • Your favorite text editor, preferably one with some basic syntax highlighting.
  • A little bit of programming experience (Having written some JavaScript in a web browser is more than adequate).

I will provide a sign-up link when it’s available.


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